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Mini Science

(... in an agar plate)

An entry for the JS48 - Episode 1 Game Jam


Your pesky lab assistant accidentally shrunk you down!

You are now in an agar plate.

Luckily, your lab assistant to going to help you get out.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

At least the dish you are in is clean... right?


Quite obviously, the game is not very well polished. It's missing sounds and music, and there were many other gameplay ideas and mechanics to pursue. However, I ran out of time and had to wrap everything up very quickly. I hope that anyone who plays would at least get some enjoyment out of it. Maybe a post-jam version, if there is any interest at all?


Thanks to God that I managed to get this done!
Thanks also to Ade for her game design ideas and support!
Thanks to @PhotonStorm for Phaser, a remarkable game development engine.
Thanks to the organizers: ThreeDee Media (Tulip 3d), PhotonStorm (Phaser 2d), and Scirra (Construct 2) for organizing the jam.


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Hi all. Can you please fill out this form for me to get back to you about prizes!




Wow, thanks for reaching out. I filled it out :) Thanks for organizing, I enjoyed it!